Hi, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Jackie…

profile picsI grew up on the west coast and currently live in eastern Pennsylvania. I’ve been married for ten years and have four beautiful children. I enjoy my role as wife and mother, as well as love to travel and hang out with teenagers.

This isn’t my first attempt at blogging…

I gave it the old college try about eight years ago, and found myself struggling with what to write about? My life… It’s not that interesting. I’m a wife of a pastor, mother of four kids who are seven and under, and (oddly) someone who gets pleasure from spending time with teenagers. But those things really do not define who I am as a person.

Sure, my husband, my kids, and my church are a big part of my life.  It is who I am in Christ that brings the greatest fulfillment and pleasure. I am a daughter of the King of Kings!  I am an handmaid, a servant of the Lord, someone who is forgiven and given an amazing purpose in life.

My desire for this blog is to talk about all those little parts of my life – the everyday, mundane – and place full emphasis on Someone who is far more worthy to talk about. It’s a chance for me to exercise my love of writing, but this time I feel I have a purpose.

If you’re a teenage girl, if you’re a mother or a grandmother, if you’re a Christian woman… you have a high calling! You, too, are an handmaid of the Lord, and that gives us something to talk about.

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