Lessons from my “whole-hearted” kid

Lessons from my “whole-hearted” kid

My five-year-old views everything in life as black or white.

Since this kid was two years old he was always all about something. And whatever he was all about, he would run that thing or activity into the ground before moving on to the next big thing. All about trains, all about maps, all about Candy Land, all about bikes… the obsessions move from one big thing to more exciting, better things and his ever-growing, curious mind continues to move like lightening from one interest to another.


He’s a whole-hearted kid.  When he likes something he really likes it. And when he doesn’t like something…well, you can imagine the protest.

The fall weather here in Pennsylvania likes to swing from one extreme to the other. I still can’t believe it is possible to go from 85 to 55 in a matter of days! Of course, this takes a toll on a little person’s immune system usually resulting in a few “unwell-but-not-quite-sick” days.

But life still has to go on. The kindergarten student still has to show up for school…whether he’s whole-hearted about it or not.

May the protest begin… all of sudden the exuberant hop, skip, and jump over to school turned into, “No, no, no! I don’t like school!”

“Well, dear son, to quote The Princess Bride, ‘Get use to disappointment.'”

Now, two months into his kindergarten year marks his worst.day.ever.

What would we do without a patient and kind teacher who is willing to deal with every emotional breakdown, be it over letters or lunch?! My heart sank when I heard the bad report upon picking him up…but then it quickly turned into action.  What lesson should be learned here?  If life was only filled with puppies and rainbows, then when would we ever learn valuable lessons?

All that evening my mind rehearsed the events of my son’s actions. I prayed. I prayed a lot. I asked God to show me where I was dropping the ball and how should his whole-hearted choices be rectified?

I realized that if I want my children to understand Bible salvation, that of faith in Jesus and repentance from sin, this was a prime opportunity to do so! I was resolved to teach my little whole-hearted boy the consequences of his actions, regardless of how he felt.  The little softy, mommy-heart deep down inside wanted to let it go; to forget and hope for a better day tomorrow.

After much discussion, discipline, and asking Jesus to please forgive and help, we set out to make right what was wrong…



He was back to his old “I love school” enthusiasm today and was sure to obey promptly and happily :oP

I am so thankful for a whole-hearted child. He will either whole-heartedly reject the God of the Bible, or whole-heartedly turn to Him.  There will be no half-hearted, lukewarm Christianity with him (this is both comforting and terrifying!).

Each and every day I find God’s grace to be more than sufficient when it comes to raising my Robby. He has taught me so many valuable lessons.


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